Tuesday, February 14, 2012

13th month

Your 13-month-old's development

Standing and walking 
At 13 months, about three-quarters of toddlers are walking on their own -- albeit unsteadily. If yours still hasn't stopped using furniture or other objects to support herself, it just means that walking on her own is going to take a little longer. Some children don't walk until 17 or 18 months or even later. But whether cruising around the room, holding onto furniture, or toddling, the important thing for her is that she ismoving on her own; she no longer has to wait to be lifted and carried or pushed, and the world is opening up. 

Exploring and discovering 

With her new walking legs, your child can roam where her growing curiosity takes her -- examining the cat up close, and then suddenly backing away if it frightens her. This is a great achievement. 

Grasps and manipulates objects 

As she gets better at using her legs, she's also getting more skilled at using her hands. Most 13-month-olds are able to grab a block and drop it into a container; some are already able to scribble. She might be able to grip a spoon, but don't expect her to be using it with consistent success yet. 

Grows more slowly and eats less 

Don't be surprised when your formerly super-hungry baby starts to eat less. Between birth and their first birthdays, babies typically triple in weight and add 25 cm/10 in to their height. But between her first and second birthdays, your child's growth rate will slow considerably, and she'll start to lose her baby fat. Expect the amount she eats every day, as well as her food likes and dislikes, to vary. 

Communicates and understands 

She's got the hang of using "dada," "mama," plus a few other recognisable words. Without much vocabulary, she's worked out how to make her desires known. When she wants to get down, she'll point down; when she wants your attention, she'll tug your shirt. She's also understanding a good percentage of the simple language you use around her every day. 

Lives mostly in the here and now 

Your toddler's play mostly involves experimentation, like "What happens if I drop the plastic cup?" or "What happens if I rub my fingers in the gravy?" She likes to watch what happens after she does something, and because her memory isn't well developed she is not bored by repetition. 
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Doa untuk anak-anak ibu AQIL HAKEEM, ARIQ ARYAN

"Ya Allah , jadikanlah Nama AQIL HAKEEM dan ARIQ ARYAN ini berkat baginya, dan jadikanlah taat kepada Engkau pekerjaannya dan barang yang engkau redhai menjadi cita-citanya. Menuntut ilmuMu menjadi perjuangannya dan akhirilah hidupnya dengan amalan soleh. Ya Allah, panjangkanlah umurnya dalam ketaatan kepada Engkau dan kepada RasulMu. Jadikanlah badannya dalam keadaan sihat afiat serta sejahtera. Ya Allah, jadikanlah dia pemimpin di waktu besarnya dan tetapkanlah imannya seperti iman para Nabi-NabiMu hingga ke hari kiamat. Ya Allah berilah rezeki yang halal lagi baik. Dan dekatkanlah dia dengan perkara-perkara yang baik dan jauhkanlah dia dari perkara-perkara yang buruk lagi jahat dengan kemurahanMu wahai Yang Maha Pemurah lagi Mengasihani." Amin...

Doa untuk anak ibu dalam perut BABY

"Ya Allah, periharalah anakku selama ia berada di dalam perutku dan sihatkanlah dia. Engkaulah yang menyembuhkan, tiada penyembuhan lain selain daripada penyembuhanMu, penyembuhan yang tidak meniggalkan penyakit.
Ya Allah, rupakanlah atau bentukkanlah dia yang ada diperutku dengan rupa yang baik, dan tetapkanlah ke dalam hatinya iman kepada Engkau dan RasulMu.
Ya allah, jadikanlah dia sihat yang sempurna, berakal dan pandai serta alim dan beramal.
Ya Allah, panjangkanlah umurnya, sihatkanlah badannya dan baikkanlah akhlaknya, fasihkanlah lisannya, baguskanlah suaranya untuk membaca Al-Quran dan Hadith dengan berkat Nabi Muhammad SAW dan segala puji bagi Allah, Tuhan sekelian alam." Amin...